Zucchini Flowers!

Male zucchini flowerA summer treat for me is fried zucchini flowers.

My plants finally started making flowers last week and yesterday I ate my first plate of yummy fried flowers. Unfortunately I noticed that two of the plants are beginning to wilt. Since I don’t use chemicals on my vegetables I can only assume this means the plant is infected with the squash vine borer.

Fried Zucchini FlowersThe infection is caused by the squash vine borer moth, a creepy red bug which lays it’s eggs on the plant and is extremely difficult to eliminate or control. My method is to pull the plant a few weeks after it wilts but before the borer’s eggs hatch and replace it with a second crop which I seed in pots around mid June, after the moth has died out.

I got to eat my flowers last night, so for now I’m happy.

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